The Association of Coaching and Training


Mission Statement


The Association of Coaching and Training is formed to promote the ethics and competency standard of coaching, training and facilitation professions in the Greater China and Hong Kong.

Coaching & Facilitation are rather new professions to people in China and Hong Kong. Training has been in the region for many years but is largely misunderstood

We are doing our best to enable the public to understand and accept Coaching and Training as a profession.


The ACT Missions

To promote Coaching, Training and Facilitation as a profession to the public.

To enhance the competency standard of the Coaching and Training professions.

To educate the public about ethical Coaching, Training and Facilitation practices.


What we are NOT!

We are not formed as a gathering place for coaches, trainers and facilitators.

We are not a service provider to coaches, trainers and facilitators.

We are not a training school.

We are not a coaching/training/facilitation company. We do not provide coaching, training and facilitation services.

If you are a professional coach/trainer/facilitator and wish to register with us, go to the Registration Page to get more details.


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