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The Association of Coaching and Training is a non-profit making Hong Kong SAR Government Registered Society, formed by Dr. Keith To in 2003.

We are one of the first and the largest Professional Coaching, Training & Facilitation organizations in Hong Kong. Currently, we have more than 750 coaches, trainers & facilitators registered with us.

To promote the ethical and professional services to the public, our mission is to establish a competency level and ethical requirement for all our registered & certified coaches, trainers and facilitators.

Our mission is to make the public well-informed about these new professional services.

We require all our registered coaches/trainers/facilitators to provide professional service to their clients according to our Codes of Ethics.

We do not force you to coach, train or facilitate in any particular style or methodology. We just establish a verification process for their competency and ethical practice.

If you like to register with us, please go to the Registration Page to get more details.